Infinity Neptun


Elegant set of Bellini Infinity Neptun furniture will give every kitchen a unique character. Our kitchen furniture is characterized by high durability and remarkable aesthetics.
The functionality and capability of cabinets, which leave plenty of space for use in the kitchen, will certainly make not only using our furniture but also just being in the kitchen a pleasure.
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Technical information:
1. Aluminium type handles with intarsia under the colour of the front decor.
2. Fronts, bodies and plinths are made of high-quality furniture board of Decor Econatura type with natural wood texture.
3. Each of the lower cabinets, except the sink cabinet, has a separate worktop, which allows you to freely arrange the order of the individual elements of the set.
4. The cabinet above the eaves has a mechanism to stabilize the opening front.
5. Not all commercially available household appliances and kitchen cupboard equipment fit directly into the purchased kitchen furniture set. The price does not include household appliances and kitchen fixtures.
6. 2-year warranty.
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